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ZR1 offers the fastest, most state of the art hosting solutions for the beginning webineers and the
0-5 companies, to the Enterprise level corporations and Fortune 500 behemoths. We’ll pick you up at domain registration and help guide you through the myriad of possible paths that will ultimately land you to exactly where you want to be. The right hosting is the single most important part of you online foundation.



Do you understand exactly how important web security is? We do. There is no limit to the nature, and content, of the information shared, and exposed, to today’s internet feeders. Many of these feeders can be potentially lethal to everything you hold near and dear. Protect yourself with our digital fortress. Rest safely behind the encrypted walls at ZR1. Security solutions provide the fortress for your current online presence, and protect your dreams.


Web Reality

What is web reality?
It is the true understanding that the smallest of the small, and the largest of the globally huge, are affected by what’s on the internet. The internet consists of bits of information who’s numbers rival the sum total of air molecules we breath. And, just as you consume air, you exist in an internet driven world, like it or not. We offer your web reality at ZR1 Hosting. 



Hosting, Domain Registration, Security Solutions is the beginning. If you became a conscious and productive human after January 1, 1983, there is a very good chance you set the direction of your life toward integration. Prior to that date life was simple. Hand written letters. Hand developed photographs. Conducting business face-to-face. Then came the birth of TCP/IP. The birth of the internet. If you haven’t integrated into it yet, you will. ZR1 is here for you.

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